Rose Hughes

Rose Hughes

Rose Hughes is a London-based writer and scientist. Her extensive experience as a professional science writer is complemented by her scientific credentials. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in natural science from the University of Cambridge UK, and is currently working towards a PhD in infectious disease. Her work has been published in both health magazines and peer reviewed scientific journals.

Published Work


What Other Means Does a Cell Use to Control Enzymatic Activity Besides Turning Enzymes on or Off?

Enzymes are the busy workers of the cell. If everything in the cell is to happen in the right place and time, the cell must control the activity of these workers. It often does this by turning enzymes off and on, in what scientists call "covalent… More »

Innate immune IFN responses to HIV-1 infection

A review of the current literature concerning HIV-1 and type I IFN responses… More »

The Structure & Function of Collagen

Shampoo advertisements have made us aware of collagen as a structural protein found in our hair. However, collagen is found in many more tissues. In reality, it makes up approximately 30 percent of the protein mass of our bodies. The essential role of… More »